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I Forgive.

Mom Forgets...

Help, Support & Ideas

Caregiving is one of the most challenging, gut-wrenching events

you will ever go through.

It doesn't have to be at your expense.  

Forgive and Forget will help you minimize...

  • Anxiety, sleepless nights, and guilt.   

  • Your boundaries being abused or broken.

  • Feeling powerless.

My name is Vic.  I have been a caregiver for 14 years and counting.  

These are resources that help me survive every stage of my mother's decline.

Image by Paul van Oijen

Which way do I go?

Image by J Taubitz
Image by Sesha Reddy Kovvuri


Image by Claus Grünstäudl

Take a 15-minute drive or walk with Vic.  Hear how she turns her honest, raw, and real blunders into

caregiving successes.      


These blogs/journals have been published in a variety

of periodicals.

"Heart-warming, sometimes heart-breaking stories that have

relevant meaning." -Community Foundation of Northern Nevada. 

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“Rarely does a good idea interrupt you.” 

Jim Rohn

Image by Tim Umphreys

"I could never get ahead of the moving target of dementia. 

I peered over "that ledge" every day for the first 4 years of caring for my Mom.  I didn't care if I went to

sleep and never woke up."  -Vic

Did you know. . . 

45%-67% of caregivers have​​​​

  • a heart attack,

  • a stroke, or

  • commit suicide 

before their loved one dies?   

Statistic from the Alzheimer's Association, 2010

"Forgive and Forget" keeps me grounded, my heart whole, and moving forward on a path meant for me."    Joshua M. - Subscriber

"FF has good ideas to help care for my Dad.  It also is the only website that offers the skills to be a better person."  Miranda Joseph - subscriber  

Hope, Healing & Meaning

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