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Forgive and Forget provides resources for caregivers. 

Our focus is dementia, however, our ideas and tools are relevant for all caregivers. 

I have been caring for my mother for eleven years and counting. 

I am dedicated to helping you strengthen your resilience, and support your integrity.  

My experience will support you inside and outside your caregiving arena. 

My offer to you and each of your days a fighting chance of

hope, healing, and meaning.




“Rarely does a good idea interrupt you.” 

Jim Rohn


How We Can Help


Raise your hand if you have felt discouraged, powerless, worn out, and not smart enough to get ahead of the moving target of dementia?


A curated list of articles, links, websites, podcasts, documentaries, books, YouTube, and films.


Real-time stories, strategies, interviews, laughs, and tears from 

Vic and her guests. 

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Caring for someone with Alzheimer's—or any form of dementia—takes character.

An unshakeable one. 


Founder of Forgive and Forget

Continuing to give you

the best advantage

Private Chat Room   

Help other caregivers with your suggestions and questions.  Offer your experience and knowledge in our private chat room. 

We want to hear from YOU!

Email our Founder, Vic directly. She welcomes your concerns, questions, ideas,

troubles and grumbles.

No, seriously.  She does.

Brick by Brick

Let's better understand the many emotions we go through (self-doubt, guilt, fear, etc.), so we can find meaning in all that we do. 

Things To Know

Local and national resources, phone numbers, websites, articles, and links to help you with the practical side of caregiving.

Going Deeper

This segment introduces the quiet, calm, and introspective.

Apostolic sandals or linen robes not required. BYOB preferred

(beer, belief, blanket, bourbon, blessing, etc) 

Things That Help

A collection of books, audiobooks, documentaries, TV series, and films that shift the way you think about life & caregiving.


Quick reads of Vic's experiences in a-day-in-the-life of caregiving. 

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