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AVOID misconceptions about Dementia.

These curated Articles & Interviews will help you avoid

making the wrong assumption.



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*How to Care For Someone With Alzheimer's Disease.

*What Should You NOT Say To Someone With Alzheimer's?

*Dementia Care:  Tips for Daily Tasks

January 2023

FDA Approves New Alzheimer's Drug

Scientists Develop Glove That Eliminates Parkinson’s Tremor


JULY 2023

***Leqembi:  WEB MD



December 2022: 


The Care Home Designer.  This wonderful website designs products specific to the understanding that dementia can affect a person in so many ways.  Mr. Peter Rose has an appreciation that each person is an individual with their own unique, individual needs.  See how he puts his understanding to work with each product...

Talking Products, LtdUnique products brought to life by you! Check out their distinctive line of creativity!   

TabTime.  I sure wish I knew about these products when Mom was still living on her own!  My favorite is TabTime's Automatic Pill Dispenser, WAIT until you take a look at this!!!  Here is a link to their home page:


Shadowbox Press:  Innovative and creative products that help communicate with your loved one while putting a smile on their faces.  Take a quick look to see these delightful and pleasing, interactive products.  CLICK HERE


November 2022: What Causes Alzheimer's?  Scientists Are Re-Thinking The Answer


Founded in 2011, iGuerburn Inc is the one stop shop for seniors, especially the older peoples with alzheimer’s or dementia. We know how age, disability, injury, and chronic illness can affect the quality of day-to-day life. Our aim is to help people live their life to the fullest, with fewer restrictions.  iGuerburn strives to provide quality products, exceptional customer service along with our 100% Guarantee policy.  If you or a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you are not alone.

October 2022:  Alerta Family We strive to offer innovative products for the family caregiver and for the care recipient suffering from dementia. Our offering allows the caregiver to tend to the demands of family and a busy household, with the assurance that his/her loved one is safe, nearby, and able to do normal activities.

October 2022:  Kerr Medical Corporation, a family-owned business that really makes a difference; a difference in your life, the life of the person you care for, and ultimately through our charitable contributions, to make a real difference in our world.


October 2022:  Nursing Home Abuse, an excellent resource if you believe your loved one is being harmed in any way.


August 2022:  MesotheliomaHope


July 2022: Early Detection of Alzheimer's Through Eye Exams 


May 2022 (introduced in Newsletter)

*Study preserves memory in mice, offering promising new basis for active immunization against Alzheimer's disease

*Examining a lessor known dementia driver





*Alzheimer’s Association Disappointed by Medicare Coverage Policy for FDA-Approved Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments


RECENT, March 2022 *Using Divalproex or a Combination of Divalproex and a Neuroleptic


RECENT *Has a treatment for Alzheimer's been sitting on pharmacy shelves for decades? Scientists have two possible candidates

RECENT *Essential Amino Acid Supplements Could Prevent Dementia

RECENT *Research Roundup: Amino Acids Might Fend Off Dementia and Alzheimer’s and More

RECENT *The superfood that protects the heart and helps to improve memory





*Triggers and Signs of Caregiver Burnout


*Likely Cause of Alzheimer's Identified in Recent Study

*Wildfires, Smoke & Dementia

*Covid & Alzheimers

*Folate is Directly Linked to Prevention of Alzhemer's

*DEMENTIA: Symptoms, Stages & Types 

Vic's Personal Note: 

These are the best basic "ABCs" explanations I have ever run across.  


*Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's drug shows promise. But will it succeed where so many drugs have failed?

*The Next Frontier in Alzheimer's Research, AARP Article

*Things That Raise Your Chances of Dementia

*9 Types of Dementia


*Dementia vs. Alzheimer's: The Biggest Difference

*Slideshow: Alzheimer Overview

When It's More Than Just Forgetfulness

*New Drug Slows Alzheimer's Progression; "Aducanumab"

*FDA Approves New Alzheimer's Drug

*What Is Alzheimer's Disease

*Dementia – What you should know

*New Study: Sleep is Literally a Deep Clean for Your Brain

*Breakthroughs in Alzheimer's Research

*Misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's, "NPH," is Treatable

*Innovative Treatment Could Slow Dementia

*A New Type of Dementia Identified

*New Blood Test Could Detect Alzheimer's

*Alzheimer's Blood Test: One Step Closer

*Alzheimer's Disease FACT SHEET

*What are the 4 A’s of Alzheimer’s

*Dementia vs. Alzheimer's

*Rare Case Offers Clues to Staving off Alzheimer's

*Alzheimer’s Memory Loss Reversed by New Head Device Using Electromagnetic Waves

*Researchers Explore Why Women's Alzheimer's Risk Is Higher Than Men's

*Alzheimer's Poses A Greater Risk to Older Women Than Breast Cancer


*Alzheimer's Detectable 18 years Before Diagnosis, Study Shows

*Mesothelioma Center Information



*Certain Personality Traits Could Increase Your Risk For Alzheimer's

*What Alzheimer's Does To Your Body


*Scientists Develop Glove That Eliminates Parkinson’s Tremor


*The Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease

*Common Myths and Misconceptions of Parkinson's Disease

*What are the "Off" Periods of Parkinson's?

*Ways to Cope With Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Lewy Body

*Robin William's (Lewy Body) Dementia Death

National Resources

*National Alzheimer's Association

*National Alzheimer's and Dementia Resource Center

*Dementia Friendly America

*What is "Dementia Friends."

Legal Matter & Financial Planning

Guardianship / Conservatorship


Estate planning is essential for everyone, and it becomes even more important as we get older.


Even though we understand no one enjoys planning on what happens to their estate after they are gone, we wanted to make a guide that lays out everything a person needs to know about the process.


That's why we made a page called 25 Steps for Estate Planning, which highlights all the things people need to have in order during the process. Check it out:

Resource Suggestion - CLICK HERE: 25 Steps for Estate Planning

CONTACT: Charlie Baker, Travis Walker Law


*Legal & Financial Planning for Those With Alzheimer's

*Estate Planning Basics You Need To Know

*Next Legal & Financial Resource for

Caregivers and Aging

*How to handle symptoms, money matters,

general challenges.


*When Conservatorship Goes Terribly Wrong

*Beware The Con Games of Conservatorship & Legal Guardianship

*Preventing Financial Scams


Day Care  -  Assisted Living - Memory Care Residences


*3 Top Tips to Locate a Resident Care Facility

*25 Questions to Ask a Potential Care Facility

*Caring Transitions; Senior Relocation, Downsizing, Estate Sales

*Transition Resources: Home design for safety, Downsizing,

Organizing financial and household records, Overseeing Movers, and more.



*"More to Life" ADULT DAYCARE

Also see "RESPITE CARE" IN "Reno Resources" or scroll down. . . 

Symptoms & Remedy

*Initial Symptoms

*10 Early Signs & Symptoms: Normal Aging vs. Dementia

*Take a Cognitive Performance Assessment

*Sundowning:  Late-Day Confusion.  Mayo Clinic

*"Sundowning" -Common With Dementia

*7 Tips For Reducing Sundowning

*Dressing and Grooming


*Urinary Incontinence, by The Mayo Clinic


*Canine Dementia - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

*Dementia in Dogs: 6 Ways to Deal With the Effects

*Alarming Triggers for Alzheimer's Disease

*Diseases that Look Like Alzheimer's (But Aren't)

*Top 5 TO DO's for Caregivers POST DIAGNOSIS

*Tips In Communicating With Your Loved One With Dementia



*Folate is Directly Linked to Prevention of Alzheimer's


*Maria Schriver Today Show: 4 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's


*Best Superfoods That Fight Alzheimer's

*Alzheimer's Myths & Facts:  Can Drinking Red Wine Reverse the Disease?

*Champagne Protects the Brain From Dementia

*12 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's

*How Working the Body Can Help The Aging Mind

*9 Brain Boosters to Help Memory

*Dementia: Could gut bacteria play a role?


*Guns and Dementia

I know!!  This seems like a no-brainer, but this new survey looks at access to guns by people with dementia.  Egads!



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*National and Local Resources by Alzheimer's Association


*Cheryl Dinnell is the NLRCC (Nevada Lifespan Respite Care Coalition) Executive Director.  

*Barbara Lewison is with Seniors in Service.  She is the Respite Voucher Program Coordinator.  Call her on Monday at 775-358-2768 or 775-358-2322.

*NOBLE Patient Advocacy



*Alzheimer's Association


*Washoe Caregivers, Community Foundation of Western Nevada

*Community Foundation, Caregiver's Toolkit


*Nevada Caregiver's Coalition


*Center for Healthy Aging


*Nevada AARP


*Nevada Care Connection


*Lend-A-Hand Senior Services, Since 1982


*Caring Transitions; Senior Relocation, Downsizing, Estate Sales


*Wandering Prevention Program: Safety through technology


*Right at Home: Tailored in-home care


*Home Instead Senior Care


*AMADA Senior Care; In-Home Caregivers


*Transition Resources: Home design for safety, Downsizing,

Organizing financial and household records, Overseeing Movers, and more.


*"More to Life" ADULT DAYCARE


Grief Assistance


*Separation From Loved One's Changes

*How People Deal With Loss, Grief



Well Known Advocates



*Glenda Jackson TV/BBC: Elizabeth is Missing


*Rob Lowe: I Was My Sick Mother's Caregiver

*Maria Schriver Today Show: 4 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's

*Robin Williams (Lewy Body) Dementia Death

*Patti Davis:  Floating In The Deep End (Daughter of Nancy and Ronald Reagan)

*Maria Schriver Today Show: Menopause and Dementia 

*Patti Davis & Maria Schriver Interview: on "Floating In The Deep End."

Go to Books, in the "Grief" section 

"Sundowning," #9 & #10

Blogs, "Legal Preparedness,"  & PODCAST


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