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*How to Care For Someone With Alzheimer's Disease.

*What Should You NOT Say To Someone With Alzheimer's?

*Dementia Care:  Tips for Daily Tasks

July 2022: Early Detection of Alzheimer's Through Eye Exams 


May 2022 (introduced in Newsletter)

*Study preserves memory in mice, offering promising new basis for active immunization against Alzheimer's disease

*Examining a lessor known dementia driver





*Alzheimer’s Association Disappointed by Medicare Coverage Policy for FDA-Approved Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments


RECENT, March 2022 *Using Divalproex or a Combination of Divalproex and a Neuroleptic


RECENT *Has a treatment for Alzheimer's been sitting on pharmacy shelves for decades? Scientists have two possible candidates

RECENT *Essential Amino Acid Supplements Could Prevent Dementia

RECENT *Research Roundup: Amino Acids Might Fend Off Dementia and Alzheimer’s and More

RECENT *The superfood that protects the heart and helps to improve memory





*Triggers and Signs of Caregiver Burnout


*Likely Cause of Alzheimer's Identified in Recent Study

*Wildfires, Smoke & Dementia

*Covid & Alzheimers

*Folate is Directly Linked to Prevention of Alzhemer's

*DEMENTIA: Symptoms, Stages & Types 

Vic's Personal Note:  This is the best basic "ABC's" explanation I have ever run across.  


*Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's drug shows promise. But will it succeed where so many drugs have failed?

*The Next Frontier in Alzheimer's Research, AARP Article

*Things That Raise Your Chances of Dementia

*9 Types of Dementia


*Dementia vs. Alzheimer's: The Biggest Difference

*Slideshow: Alzheimer Overview

When It's More Than Just Forgetfulness

*New Drug Slows Alzheimer's Progression; "Aducanumab"

*What Is Alzheimer's Disease

*Dementia – What you should know

*New Study: Sleep is Literally a Deep Clean for Your Brain

*Breakthroughs in Alzheimer's Research

*Misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's, "NPH," is Treatable

*Innovative Treatment Could Slow Dementia

*A New Type of Dementia Identified

*New Blood Test Could Detect Alzheimer's

*Alzheimer's Blood Test: One Step Closer

*Alzheimer's Disease FACT SHEET

*What are the 4 A’s of Alzheimer’s

*Dementia vs. Alzheimer's

*Rare Case Offers Clues to Staving off Alzheimer's

*Alzheimer’s Memory Loss Reversed by New Head Device Using Electromagnetic Waves

*Researchers Explore Why Women's Alzheimer's Risk Is Higher Than Men's

*Alzheimer's Poses A Greater Risk to Older Women Than Breast Cancer


*Alzheimer's Detectable 18 years Before Diagnosis, Study Shows

*Mesothelioma Center Information

*Certain Personality Traits Could Increase Your Risk For Alzheimer's

*What Alzheimer's Does To Your Body


*The Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease

*Common Myths and Misconceptions of Parkinson's Disease

*What are the "Off" Periods of Parkinson's?

*Ways to Cope With Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Lewy Body

*Robin William's (Lewy Body) Dementia Death

National Resources

*National Alzheimer's Association

*National Alzheimer's and Dementia Resource Center

*Dementia Friendly America

*What is "Dementia Friends."

Legal Matter & Financial Planning

Guardianship / Conservatorship

*Legal & Financial Planning for Those With Alzheimer's

*Estate Planning Basics You Need To Know

*Next Legal & Financial Resource for

Caregivers and Aging

*How to handle symptoms, money matters,

general challenges.


*When Conservatorship Goes Terribly Wrong

*Beware The Con Games of Conservatorship & Legal Guardianship

*Preventing Financial Scams


Day Care  -  Assisted Living - Memory Care Residences


*3 Top Tips to Locate a Resident Care Facility

*25 Questions to Ask a Potential Care Facility

*Caring Transitions; Senior Relocation, Downsizing, Estate Sales

*Transition Resources: Home design for safety, Downsizing,

Organizing financial and household records, Overseeing Movers, and more.



*"More to Life" ADULT DAYCARE

Also see "RESPITE CARE" IN "Reno Resources" or scroll down. . . 

Symptoms & Remedy

*Initial Symptoms

*10 Early Signs & Symptoms: Normal Aging vs. Dementia

*Take a Cognitive Performance Assessment

*Sundowning:  Late-Day Confusion.  Mayo Clinic

*"Sundowning" -Common With Dementia

*7 Tips For Reducing Sundowning

*Dressing and Grooming


*Urinary Incontinence, by The Mayo Clinic


*Canine Dementia - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

*Dementia in Dogs: 6 Ways to Deal With the Effects

*Alarming Triggers for Alzheimer's Disease

*Diseases that Look Like Alzheimer's (But Aren't)

*Top 5 TO DO's for Caregivers POST DIAGNOSIS

*Tips In Communicating With Your Loved One With Dementia



*Folate is Directly Linked to Prevention of Alzheimer's


*Maria Schriver Today Show: 4 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's


*Best Superfoods That Fight Alzheimer's

*Alzheimer's Myths & Facts:  Can Drinking Red Wine Reverse the Disease?

*Champagne Protects the Brain From Dementia

*12 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's

*How Working the Body Can Help The Aging Mind

*9 Brain Boosters to Help Memory

*Dementia: Could gut bacteria play a role?


*Guns and Dementia

I know!!  This seems like a no-brainer, but this new survey looks at access to guns by people with dementia.  Egads!



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*National and Local Resources by Alzheimer's Association


*Cheryl Dinnell is the NLRCC (Nevada Lifespan Respite Care Coalition) Executive Director.  

*Barbara Lewison is with Seniors in Service.  She is the Respite Voucher Program Coordinator.  Call her on Monday at 775-358-2768 or 775-358-2322.

*NOBLE Patient Advocacy



*Alzheimer's Association


*Washoe Caregivers, Community Foundation of Western Nevada

*Community Foundation, Caregiver's Toolkit


*Nevada Caregiver's Coalition


*Center for Healthy Aging


*Nevada AARP


*Nevada Care Connection


*Lend-A-Hand Senior Services, Since 1982


*Caring Transitions; Senior Relocation, Downsizing, Estate Sales


*Wandering Prevention Program: Safety through technology


*Right at Home: Tailored in-home care


*Home Instead Senior Care


*AMADA Senior Care; In-Home Caregivers


*Transition Resources: Home design for safety, Downsizing,

Organizing financial and household records, Overseeing Movers, and more.


*"More to Life" ADULT DAYCARE


Grief Assistance


*Separation From Loved One's Changes

*How People Deal With Loss, Grief



Well Known Advocates



*Glenda Jackson TV/BBC: Elizabeth is Missing


*Rob Lowe: I Was My Sick Mother's Caregiver

*Maria Schriver Today Show: 4 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's

*Robin Williams (Lewy Body) Dementia Death

*Patti Davis:  Floating In The Deep End (Daughter of Nancy and Ronald Reagan)

*Maria Schriver Today Show: Menopause and Dementia 

*Patti Davis & Maria Schriver Interview: on "Floating In The Deep End."

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"Sundowning," #9 & #10

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