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Why I Am Here

I’ve had more nights than I care to count where I have not slept well, if at all, and then awakened with anxiety and paralyzing fear knowing the day ahead will be volatile and unpredictable.  It feels like I am in rough seas, in a very small rowboat, with no oars.


Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, or any form of dementia, takes character, an unshakeable one.  It requires us to live and think in different ways, to be flexible where we may not have been in the past.

The ideas and insights I have acquired were born from my own personal foibles and successes, or borrowed from the more wise and well-educated on this disease.  Caregiving, for me, is as much about my own personal growth and personal development as it is about the demanding, and relentless, nuts and bolts of caring for someone with dementia. That said, there can be a silver lining.

Wisdom, Respite, Knowledge & Humor

A Member Benefit

We may miss some of the wisest teachers if we only look in places we expect to find answers on any given topic.


That said, not all books, documentaries, series, films and podcasts we recommend are directly related to dementia and our role as caregivers. 

Having an open heart to all forms of information opens all doors.  So, yes, we can learn from Mr. Rogers and Breaking Bad, The 36-Hour Day and The Green Mile, Eckhart Tolle and Longmire

I post only the items I have personally read, seen or listened to.

Enjoy these suggestions!   We continually update fresh finds for our Forgive & Forget Community.  See details below~

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All experiences can help us grow and change. 

Become a student of your own life.

Don’t miss the sights, the colors, the books, the dialogue from a movie, a lecture, a presentation or conversation.

Jim Rohn

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