Code of Conduct

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"My Code of Conduct and Intentions are . . .

  • To be helpful.

  • Never to trivialize or be disrespectful to you, your grief, or sadness during this difficult time.

  • I believe every experience is significant and connected to teaching us something of value for caregiving and life. 

  • I sprinkle humor where I can because it keeps us grounded, and adjusts our perspective.  Our mind can ALWAYS USE A SHIFT.  

  • Some Blogs have nothing to do with caregiving or dementia, however, they are always connected and relevant to our caregiving journey. 

​Code of Conduct for Members


We take a firm position on values.  

Disrespect will result in removal without warning.

  • No colorful language

  • No suing, booing or throwing popcorn at Vic or other Members.  


  • No soap box. 150-word/character limit to ask, answer, & suggest. 

  • Our community is helpful, and empathetic. 

  • Bloopers in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure are highly welcome. 

  • NO criticism or corrections to or from members for anything.

  • This segment is for Members and Founder only. 

This site does not replace any medical or psychological care that may be needed for you or your loved one. I am not, nor is our Forgive and Forget Community recognized "experts" or "professionals" on Dementia.


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Mom's Code of Conduct

during Bingo, 2014, 3 years after

her Alzheimer's diagnosis

Three things in human life are important. 

The first is to be kind. 

The second is to be kind. 

And the third is to be kind. 

                                                         - Henry David Thoreau