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This is a 6-second read if you are an Evelyn Wood Speed Reading graduate or a 5-minute read for the rest of us blokes . . . .


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* 150-word/character limit to ask and answer/suggest.  No preaching or getting on a soap-box.  Colorful language is blocked.  Be concise, succinct, and factual. 

We take a firm position on values. Disrespect will result in removal without warning.

*We are respectful to one another, this is a safe place.

*This is a community of helpfulness, compassion, understanding, and empathy - not criticism or judgment.

We take a firm position on values.  Disrespect will result in removal without warning.


*The suggestions offered (not “answers” per-say) are respectful.

*Questions are asked and answered by Founder and fellow members only. 



*Some Blog posts have little to do with caregiving, Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Why?  Because I believe everything we experience is of significance and connected to teaching us something of value in both caregiving and Life. 

*Blogs are from my heart and intended to be helpful. It is never my intent to trivialize or be disrespectful to you personally, or your grief and sadness during this difficult time. I am mindful of what we all go through, I've been there, I am there, every single difficult darn day.

I intend no disrespect or offense.  Ever.



*Forgive and Forget's sole purpose is helping other caregivers. 


*Those who call us out on our unintentional blunders and bloopers in grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure are brats.  Please refrain from grading my/our papers or judging anything anyone writes, says or does





Most importantly, suing Vic is rude.  This site does not replace any medical or psychological care

that may be needed for you or your loved one. I am not, nor is our Forgive and Forget Community

recognized "experts" or "professionals" on Dementia. 

Suing Vic personally or professionally will result in immediate removal and a very long
and lingering "Booooooooo" from her and our Community







Three things in human life are important. 

The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind.  And the third is to be kind. 

- Henry James

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