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Practical Resources

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Things To Know

These resources provide basic information of dementia's odd patterns, behaviors, and routines. 

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Published in notable periodicals

and magazines, these 4 -5 minute reads are from Vic's journal and conclude with "What Is True For Me." Apply her real-life experiences

to your own.  

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Things That Help

Begin with one paragraph, one page, or one minute just for today.  These suggestions strengthen your heart and mind to better care for your loved one

AND yourself

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Listen to the compassionate and amusing personality behind Forgive and Forget in these 15-minute (or less) relatable Podcasts. 

4 Resources to help you avoid

common caregiving mistakes.  

Emotional Resources

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Your strength and stamina are at risk:

These Easy-To-Read Resources keep you grounded and moving forward


And, best of all, you can apply these tricks to 

every aspect of your life.


"The Essentials is what sets Forgive and Forget apart.-Jenna T.

"Vic takes personal growth with caregiving VERY seriously.  She cares about people, and makes personal growth attainable for a man like me."   

-Theo G.

When you replace, "Why is this happening to me?"

with "What is this trying to teach me?" 

Everything shifts.  

 Author Unknown

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