When Personal Hygiene Takes A Back Seat

Mom’s personal hygiene has declined more than usual lately.  She hugged me hello, and both she and her apartment smelled off.  I was also very troubled to see the sweat suit she was wearing be riddled with holes and food stains.

The strongest source of the smell came mainly from her closet.  Then I looked around realizing everything in her apartment needed a good scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming, and even a steam clean.

‘How did this happen under my nose’ I thought (pun intended), ‘I visit almost every day!’  I liken it to haircuts – suddenly, whammo, one day I need a haircut.

There is no failure on Brookdale Senior Living’s part.  They keep her toilet and shower clean, her bathroom floor mopped and her carpet vacuumed.  Brookdale does her laundry, sheets and towels while I do a deep clean about every 4 months.  Maybe it is time to up her level of care?