Two Days in the Life

I’ve been reading some of my journals/emails from 2010-2014, (the one’s I mentioned in prior blogs that I saved for “keeping strict accounts” during that time period).  I’ll be honest, it sucks to go back.  These two emails were partial excerpts to my friend, and are fairly tame compared to others (which I will eventually share over time.)

My hope is you can relate or find parallels in your own situation of caring for your loved one, and know you are not nuts or alone in this chaos.  (These emails are verbatim so, be kind with typos and poo gramer, I mean poor grammar).

May 28, 2012, Monday

I couldn’t find mom for 5 hours today.  She was supposed to drive from the cabin to a mammogram appointment in Reno at 1pm.  I called to see if she made it, the secretary said she never showed up.  I called neighbors at the lake and asked them to walk by the cabin, see if her car was there, it wasn’t. 

I tried her cell phone all afternoon, no answer, straight to voicemail.  I had three legal tr