The Many Faces of Grief

Grief has many forms and takes on many faces. I sat with Change a long time before she told me her real name was Grief. I sat with her friends Anger and Loss for a long time too. It turns out, their names are Grief.

Then COVID, Civil Rights, and Economics joined the posse with Fear, Disappointment and Confusion in tow. Guilt planted herself on my couch. She asked for the remote and suggested I, “Snap out of it and get to the projects and chores COVID has now given me time to do.” I gave her the finger and showed her the door. Economics asked me to spar with her in the ring; however, I was so darned scared of a total knock-out, I just laid down and played dead.

These, and several others, are the forms and faces of Grief. Grief is not solely reserved for the death of a loved one. I have been “losing” my relati