The Four Agreements

One of my favorite go-to books is The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  When my boundaries are being pushed, this little book reminds me of important philosophies to follow so I don’t skid off into the ditch of regret. The Agreements are not only helpful as important tools to use and remember in everyday life, but also to use them when we are the all-important caregiver as well.  As you go through your day, think about them and the sacred work we do with our loved one.

The 1st Agreement is, Be Impeccable With Your Word. This is Self-Accountability 101; not an easy class to attend on a daily basis.  “Use the power of your word in the direction of Truth and Love,” writes Don Miguel Ruiz.  When I think of this statement, it provides a better compass to move forward in caring for Mom or myself.

The 2nd Agreement, Don’t Take Anything Personally.  Simple and easy enough, right?  Yeah right.  To me, this is the most elusive principal.  It’s like herding cats, especially when it comes to caregiving.  It finally dawned on me how stupid it was to take offense by someone not