Moving Away

When Mom could no longer live on her own, I hired in-home Agency Caregivers.  At first, the hours were minimal.  Mom was fine on her own from the time she got up, had her coffee, read the newspaper and did her crossword puzzles.  Then lunch and a nap.  It was later in the day when she wasn’t as sharp and, in my opinion, needed help.  It was worrisome knowing Mom was cooking dinner.  Often, I’d show up smelling a burnt pot, then see the evidence in the kitchen sink from the night before. 

Even though she understood and agreed to having Agency Caregivers, the reality was quite different.  When they’d arrive, I saw the indignity and anger on Mom’s face.  She would excuse herself and go back to her room and close the door. 

Agency Caregivers are used to, and trained for, this kind of rejection and dismissal, but, boy, it was very hard on me doing something that hurt Mom’s heart and pride.  I had no choice at this point.  It was necessary to keep her and her property safe.  Period.

Eventually, the Agency Caregiver’s hours increased to almost full time, at which point Mom had had enough.  She and I