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Margaret's Feather

When I ran across this quote this morning, it perfectly defined an experience I had about a month ago, which is in line with yesterday’s writing about implications and messages letting me know “All is well, all will be well.”

I was at an outdoor summer concert speaking to an individual who innocently made a remark about a friend of mine that plummeted my head and heart.  It made me question the integrity and trustworthiness of my friend.  I went back to my seat, trying to keep this in perspective, mostly giving my friend the benefit of the doubt.  Still, it was difficult to concentrate, and frankly, I was on the verge of tears.

I was sitting in one of those low beach chairs on the lawn, my shoes were kicked off, and there sitting quietly by my right foot was a small, delicate feather.  At first glance, it was ‘just a feather.’  Then a few seconds later, whammo, an immediate clear thought hit me like a freight train.  “Margaret,” I said quietly.  I reached over and picked up the little feather, looking around to find no other feathers in site.  When I held it in my hand, another clear and distinctive message came through, “Everything will be fine, Vicki…” 

My higher self knew that the message didn’t necessarily mean things would work out as I wanted them to, but regardless of the outcome, I would be fine.

After the concert was over, I left still feeling somewhat melancholy.  I got in the car and called my friend Kris.  She listened intently, agreeing that I am correct to give my friend the benefit of the doubt first before concluding the worst.

Then I told her about the feather and how I sensed the message was from Margaret, but I didn’t understand why.  It made no sense.  Kris asked me to send her a picture of my feather, which I did.  Her response came back almost immediately which included a picture of the cover of a book we are both currently reading for Book Group called Soul Messenger.

It never occurred to me to make the connection of the feather that was at my feet, and the feather on cover of the Soul Messenger book.

But good heavens…, look at the similarity!?!! 

I also completely missed the significance of “Margaret,” I just felt strongly that it was her.  Well, …duh.  Margaret is the main character in Soul Messenger that the author was compelled to write about.  I also sent the author a picture of my feather and the circumstances surrounding its delivery.  She warmly said other Book Group readers were having similar experiences as well, so I wasn’t alone.

As for today’s quote, “Be grateful for whoever comes, for each has been sent from a guide from beyond.”  I am grateful for the individual who made the remark in the first place.  I believe Margaret sent me both the remark and a feather to keep me “awake” so I could see my confusion more clearly, work it through and, in the meantime, know I will be okay. 

Most of all, it gave me the opportunity to have a conversation with my friend which was filled with integrity and honesty and who I believed this person to be in the first place.

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure” Rumi.

What Is True For Me 

As I mentioned yesterday, I have learned to look up, have peripheral vision and be open and “awake” to what lands in my lap, especially as it relates to caregiving when I am in the abyss of my day. 

Things did turn out well for me with this particular story, to the degree of it being my preference, an extra generous gratuity.  But the lessons here extend in every other part of my life, it does not stop with just this story.

My messenger happened to be in the form of a feather from a guide from beyond, a true soul messenger.

Thank you, Margaret.

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