Margaret's Feather

When I ran across this quote this morning, it perfectly defined an experience I had about a month ago, which is in line with yesterday’s writing about implications and messages letting me know “All is well, all will be well.”

I was at an outdoor summer concert speaking to an individual who innocently made a remark about a friend of mine that plummeted my head and heart.  It made me question the integrity and trustworthiness of my friend.  I went back to my seat, trying to keep this in perspective, mostly giving my friend the benefit of the doubt.  Still, it was difficult to concentrate, and frankly, I was on the verge of tears.

I was sitting in one of those low beach chairs on the lawn, my shoes were kicked off, and there sitting quietly by my right foot was a small, delicate feather.  At first glance, it was ‘just a feather.’  Then a few seconds later, whammo, an immediate clear thought hit me like a freight train.  “Margaret,” I said quietly.  I reached over and picked up the little feather, looking around to find no other feathers in site.  When I held it in my hand, another clear and distinctive message came through, “Everything will be fine, Vicki…” 

My higher self knew that the