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Letting Go of a Belief

A very good question was posed at our Dementia Support Group last week.  It was prefaced by this particular quote, then we were each asked, "What did you believe in and wound up having to let go of?" 

The responses varied and spanned decades.  The clarity of some answers floored me.  Some individuals were still very emotional and still having difficulty letting go of something.  Others were perfectly happy to have taken their belief that wasn't true any longer out with the Tuesday trash.

I wasn't as quick to answer. I wasn't sure how I felt about certain "beliefs" at that moment.  This question asked point blank should I still believe in something or someone, or not?  I am still pondering this question, and my answers.

So I thought I'd give you the same quote and ask the same question.  Placing it with our new World Trade Center seems appropriate, especially today, 9/11.  Certainly after the towers came down, my vulnerability shifted.

"What did you believe in and wound up having to let go of?" 

See what comes up.  Does it make you uncomfortable?  Or is there enormous pride and strength because you've successfully booted an old belief out the door and moved on?

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