Hats Off, Brava

Many of us face hostility and outright opposition from our loved one when we ask them to shower, or dress, or even eat a meal. It’s a part of dementia that gets worse as time goes on. Trying to figure out creative ways to persuade them, without losing our minds, sometimes ends in simply giving up.

Recently I ran across a story that left me laughing as well as tipping my hat at this young woman’s innovative idea to get a very cantankerous resident to do something she initially refused to do.

Anita recently moved into a new Assisted Care Facility and was immediately branded as one of the most difficult, crabby and problematic residents this care facility had seen in years.

The manager, Greg, made an offer to his employee, Janice, that she could go home an hour early if Janice could get Anita to put on her new, permanent GPS bracelet.

Janice trotted off to Anita’s room with her challenge, but no surprise, the bracelet, and Janice were instantly and theatrically thrown out of Anita's room.