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Embracing Change

Today’s offering comes from Sue Green.

The surreal world I live in

Thrust there over night

It was a stroke that hit him

Since then just nothing’s right

The frustration of it all

The many hats I wear

The tasks that never end

The new roles that I bear

I wake up in the morning

Wishing for the past

Stick to his routines

And never move too fast

There’s someone living in my house

I know there’s someone here

Why do I feel so all alone

Even when he’s near?

Some days he comes to visit

And talks of things we share

‘tho conversation’s brief

And oft’ too short to bear

I try to see it his way

I try to help him out

I know he faces struggles

For him, no easy bout

A different world he lives in

His own pace that he sets

I try to make him understand

He sometimes tries, and yet

Can I know the effort that it takes

To put together words to talk?

Can I feel his inner struggle

When he tries to walk?

I can only be there

Let him know I’m here

I can sit beside him

And try to ease his fear

It’s a surreal world we both live in

Just ‘one day at a time’

With some days still a struggle

When all is not sublime

What is True for Me:  Whether it is a stroke, or a form of dementia, these beautiful words ring true.  No doubt this is one of the toughest jobs anyone can do for another human being.  It seems to last forever, yet it doesn’t last forever.  I am, however, changed forever.  And I am changed for the better.

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