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Don't Worry. I've Got You

I found this article in the bottom drawer of my bedside table. Its philosophy, "Don't worry. I've got you," was not only the inspiration for yesterday's blog, "Nothing By Chance," but it was also my beacon in the early years caring for Mom and has been still to this very day.

Mom's dementia had taken a severe decline recently, to the degree I could not talk to her on the phone. Then COVID-19 hit and I could not see her.

I straddled the fence of this crappy new-normal between acceptance and being in the dark hole of non-acceptance. I retrieved the following article with tear-filled eyes, but also a chuckle, because I knew my finding it was no accident. I knew it was a wink from the Universe showing me, and telling me it does, in fact, have my back.

Here is the article:


"Don't Worry. I've Got You."

"This philosophy has brought me safely through every storm that life has delivered. It doesn't take the storm away, and it does not guarantee that I will be given the outcome I desire. . . but it allows me to place my trust in something bigger than myself.

I have learned to fight the notion that 'I know what is best' and have instead learned to be led toward whatever solution the universe may be offering. The path is rarely easy but the wisdom of the cosmos never fails to amaze me with its perfection.

So next time you are struggling with a storm. . . listen for that voice within the howling wind that says, 'Don't worry. I've got you...' and let yourself lean in."

By Dr. Annette Childs, RX for the Soul

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