Don't Bullshit a Bullshitter

No visits, no phone calls, no letters or cards for holidays, birthdays or special occasions from certain friends and family members who have permanently fallen away from Mom's life since her diagnosis in 2011. The feeling of Mom’s ‘profound sadness’ (her words) is real and locked in. 

Thankfully at this point with this disease, she doesn’t remember most of the particulars as to why these people aren’t around anymore, but there are times she can accurately remember a conversation or behavior.  Go figure.  What is left behind, however, is the hurt and confusion as to why these people are no longer in her life.   

A few years ago, her disease, of course, wasn’t as advanced.  She confronted a few of these individuals as to why they were not in her life anymore.  Because they were not around her enough to know where she was “at” with this disease, their assumptions were wrong and their responses were total bullshit, “…Oh but we do visit and call,” they said, “…didn’t you receive my Christmas/Easter/Birthday card?” - implying Mom wouldn’t know the difference one way or another.

Well, she did.