Is this phrase an oxymoron?

"The worse it gets, the easier it gets," is a caregiver's phrase I heard about six years ago. At the time, I could not wrap my head around it, no matter how many different angles I would look at it. This, mind you, was during a time when caring for Mom was at its height of difficulty.

I understand there are two sides to this phrase; one side has wisdom; the other side is full of schit. I'll start with the wisdom.

Mom and I are approaching our 11th year of living with her Alzheimer's, eight years since diagnosis. She still has her personality, her dignity, and sense of humor, but short-term memory is now immediate, and her long-term memory is washing away entirely.

She shuffles when she walks and walks very slowly while I hold her hand. She cannot drive; she does not cook. She prefers simple foods. She observes everything through the wonder of a child's eye - the blue of the sky, the new colors of automobiles, she touches a wildflower and sits quietly with c