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The Value In What We Are Becoming

The common thread we caregiver’s share is how we handle dementia’s decline and what it makes of us in the process.

We can choose various degrees of denial, or we can choose acceptance.

When we step up to the plate – really step up – that says something about our honesty, compassion, and our unshakable character.

Let this job touch you, not kill you. Keep these 5 ideas close to your heart to help you get from the day:

1) Be a good student. Be open to ideas to solve matters and concerns

2) Ask for help. Delegate. Reach beyond family and friends

3) Be proud. There is no greater job on earth than caring for another

4) Be Patient with yourself

5) Gently shift into gratitude and see our world as a benefit, not a burden. Simplify. Identify what is most important today. Forget the rest.

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