Breaking a Routine

Boundaries will keep your cheese from sliding off your cracker. I was reminded how hard it was for Mom and I to break our familiar routines after I moved her from her home of 52 years into her apartment at Emeritus Assisted Living. I was reminded when writing a past blog, It’s Easy To Get Faked Out.

Upon Mom's arrival at her new Residence, The Seasons, for quite a while afterward, Mom kept up her usual daily routine she had been following for years, one of which was she had her morning coffee while reading the newspaper.

Because of this, it meant that she skipped breakfast in the dining room. She also ate her lunch, afternoon snacks, and wine and crackers before dinner in her apartment. The only meal she would eat in the dining room was dinner.

Because of her routine, I would keep up my routine of food shopping for her, filling her fridge with all the familiar items she likes. The only exception was I would not buy her anything that required cooking on a stove because her apartment didn’t have one thankfully.