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4 Things to Keep Your Loved One's Pet Safe, Healthy & Cared For

1) Automatic water and food feeder

2) Access outside with a contained area or a clean kitty litter box

3) How does your loved one’s pet look and behave? Content? Hiding? Overweight? Too thin? Happy? Scared? Relaxed? If they have become anxious because of your loved one’s changing behaviors, please take them out of this environment, adopt them into your own home or place them in another happy, forever home.

4) Have a friend or assistant, or yourself, come in twice daily to make sure your loved one and their beloved pet looks comfortable and cared for.

My Mom adopted a beautiful white German Shepherd named Chrissy from the humane society after her diagnosis. Mom was at stage 2-3, and very capable of caring for Chrissy.

Chrissy was very good for Mom; loyal, quiet, loving, sweet and gently protective. Her presence absolutely helped my mother’s attitude and outlook, until caring for Chrissy became too much for her then it was time for me to adopt Chrissy into my home with my two pups, Marco and Frankie.

The care and well-being of your loved one’s pet is critical.

YOU have to be their advocate, just like you are your loved one’s advocate.

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