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*Tips for Dementia Dips and Declines

*Unplugging Mom's Phone

*A Stag's Visit

*Holding Space for Discomfort



*Compassionate Misinformation & False Memories

*Moving Mom to Memory Care

*The Many Faces of Grief


Mom and Frank at naptime

Mom was brilliant in covering up her declining behaviors long before her diagnosis.  This caused friends and family to question my opinion about her mental health.  Granted, they didn't spend enough time with her beyond a phone call, a short visit, or a lunch date to notice the repeated slip-ups.  Nevertheless, I wound up doubting my own judgment.  I felt very isolated and alone.


My name is Vic.  For the first 5 years of caring for Mom, I faced the same surreal, chaotic, demanding day as you.  I quickly learned if I was to survive caregiving, literally survive it, I needed to learn, live, and think differently. 


My intention in creating this website is to offer you a way around the same stumbling blocks I fell over.  To put in your heart what is now in mine.  To pay it forward to the caregiver who chooses to stay and care for their loved one who needs their help with accountability, honesty, love, and dedication.

A person of your character is why  I created Forgive & Forget.

The quieter you become, the more you will hear


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