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The Essentials 

This resource collection polishes up our skills needed to get out of our own way, and learn to be more patient and

accepting as caregivers. 


These are the same skills, values and lessons our own lives will benefit from, for the rest of our lives

I stake my life on the following:

  • Personal growth is stability with permanence. Segments: "Brick by Brick" & "Things To Contemplate" 

  • Keeping a light heart and sense of humor shows character while denying the pitfalls of resentment, fear, and anger. "The Comic Strip​"  

  • Reaching out offers compassion for yourself and someone else. "Connect and Communicate" ​

    Let's begin~


Resources That Make ALL The Difference

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Brick by Brick 

Does our character improve while dodging   

caregiving curveballs? 

Yes!  Build a solid foundation 

one brick at a time.

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Our members share your same grief and despair. This is a new Membership feature, and private environment to ask and answer question or concerns any caregiver has.


What are the 3 ways to change your body chemistry for the better in less than 2 seconds?

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  • Articles and blogs published in HB Magazine 

"I have seen her in action at local Fundraisers.  She can bring a desperate, lost caregiver to feeling heard, smiling, even laughing.  Vic has intuition and a gift."  -Stephen J, Member


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Discover how many teachers are around you right now that can open your heart to live with purpose, fulfillment and pride during our

caregiving day

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- A Caregiver's Wisdom

We succeed when we get through the day.

We triumph when we get from the day