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The Essentials 

"Every day I feel like I'm wearing a hospital gown with a stiff breeze hitting my rosy cheeks.  Everything I do or try blows up in my face. 

It's humiliating!

Will I always feel this vulnerable?" 

Here are 3 Segments that shift you from powerlessness to self-assurance

Resources That Make ALL The Difference

Image by Zach Heiberg

Does your character improve when you are dodging 

caregiving curveballs? 

Yes!  Here's how to build a solid foundation one brick at a time.

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In less than 2 seconds, you can change your brain and body chemistry for the better.

Here's how...

Image by Jonatan Pie

How many teachers are around you right now that can help you?  Here's how you can identify help that is meant


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They were a hit!  

See past Newsletters when we had Subscribers and Members. This is now a FREE WEBSITE.  However, I was asked to please NOT take down past Newsletters.

"Each Newsletter is like finding the little prize in a Cracker Jack's box!"  -Samantha D.

"This is the only website that offers help and suggestions for personal growth to survive the most difficult job a person will ever have."  J.J. Bauer

We succeed when we get through the day.

We triumph when we get from the day

A Caregiver's Wisdom

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