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"Faithfully Religionless" describes this segment, Going Deeper.  This is a term used by the author, Timothy Hawkeye, one of several good eggs I learn from.

If you have not ventured on the path of mindfulness, contemplation, or spirituality, let this be a gentle start to putting your big toe in the pool. 


It is nothing to get squeamish about or break into a cold sweat over.  It is not  about clanging bells and bowls, chanting, burning incense, or climbing to a mountaintop only to freeze your arse off.  Although be my guest.


I am spiritual, but I do not belong or follow any religious sect or ideology.  I have the "pu pu platter" of beliefs from various philosophies - religious or secular. 


Altogether, they guide me in a direction that offers me a stronger anchor.  And the more I learn, the more I see.



*I never post anything I have not personally read, seen or listened to

Tara Westover lived with her family of survivalists in the mountains of Idaho.  Her brother was abusive, her circumstances were extreme.  Tara got herself out, winding up at Cambridge University and Harvard.  Author of the book Educated, it is an incredible story of guts,

grace and perseverance.

New York Times best-selling author Brené Brown unpacks and explores the ideas, stories, and experiences, that reflect the universal experiences of being human, from the bravest moments to the most brokenhearted.  This woman rocks, and has changed the way I view everything about life, Vic.

Thich Nhat Hanh

On Super Soul Sunday

For more books and interviews with this wonderful man, go to "Things That Help" in member area.

Do Your Best and Let God Do the Rest

A word from Vic: I like this book because it is in layman's terms for people like me who get squeamish at the word "God" and who get lost in biblical verbiage.  The following is taken from Joyce's book for December 15. 

Not that I am implying I was in any personal want, for I have learned how to be content (satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or disquieted) in whatever state I am.   Philippians 4:11

     We function best when we have a calm, well-balanced mind.  When our mind is calm, it is without fear, sorrow or torment.  When our mind is well-balanced, we are able to look the situation over and decide what to do or not to do about it.

     Where many of us get in trouble is when we get out of balance.  Either we move into a state of total passivity in which we do nothing, expecting God to do everything for us, or we become hyperactive, operating most of the time in the flesh.  The closer we are to God, the more well balanced we become.  We are able to face any situation of life and say, "I will do what God leads me to do, but I trust him to do the rest.

     It is useless to keep trying things that are not working.  Wait on God and be obedient to Him, and realize that His timing is perfect in your life.  Even if God seems to be doing nothing about your situation, don't panic.  As long as you are trusting God, He is working, and you will see the results in due time.


Once we have done what God asks us to do, we can trust Him with the rest

Gabrielle Bernstein

"The Universe Has Your Back"

A Super Soul Series


"Trying To Control Something I Absolutely Cannot Control"


  A word from Vic:  In 20 minutes, Gabrielle gives 5 tips to help us accept our lives as they are, rather than resisting, wishing, or demanding our lives be different.  I have lost count how many times I wished things were different in caregiving.


Try not to get hung up on words that may be alien or woo-foo, i.e., "Universe,"  "God," "Spirit,"  "Soul," "Spiritual," "Faith," etc.


Be open-hearted and open-minded to Gabrielle's words and wisdom. They will give you a sense of relief, safety and the true knowing you are exactly on the path you should be, even if it is the most difficult path on the planet as a caregiver.                                                                                                                                   


*I never post anything I have not personally read, seen or listened to

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The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you - don't go back to sleep

You must ask for what you really want - don't go back to sleep

People go back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.  The door is round and open - don't go back to sleep

- R u m i

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