I used to correct my

dad's confusion.  Now I just love  him.  Thank you FF, for helping me zip it and 


Devon, age 26, her dad has early onset Alzheimer's.

I started looking at 1 thing per day and focusing on just that.  It was one of hundreds of suggestions within this helpful website.  Now I have patience with my mom and bad drivers.  THANK YOU!

Doug, age 53, cares for his

mom with Alzheimer's.

I have no time to write this.

  I am tired.  Yet I pick up a new idea in less than 7 minutes browsing through Forgive & Forget. Is everyone nuts or is it me?  Don't answer that.  Thank you for this resource.


Aurora, age 67, has
uncle with Lewy
Bodies Dementia.

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Take 5 minutes and begin watching a film or documentary, or reading a book - and not just about caregiving!  We can start with 5 minutes.  

5 minutes changes everything. 

Unplug and listen to my caregiving goof-ups and blunders.  My mistakes are here to serve you!

Are we missing the true meaning of being a caregiver?  This segment opens our mind and heart

so we don't miss a thing!


Personal experiences, 

and lessons learned.  My mistakes are here to

serve YOU!

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The Comic Strip

Flip your brain chemistry with a grin, it might explode into out loud laughter?!  Your heart and body will thank you~ 

Brick by Brick 

Can our character improve by dodging the  caregiving curveballs?  Yes!

BBB shows you how!

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"I am a caregiver, I make mistackes.  Help mee *^    knoh whare mi mistakes ar en theis website!   HAY, TANKS!"  -Vic

When you replace

"Why is this happening to me?" with

"What is this trying to teach me?" 

Everything shifts.

-Author Unknown