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When you replace "Why is this happening to me?" with

"What is this trying to teach me?" 

Everything shifts

Things To Know
A Resource Guide

National and local dementia resources; phone numbers, websites, links, articles and more

Things That Help:
A Curated List to Help You

Recommended books, PodCasts, YouTube Presentations, audio books, documentaries, TV series and films provide heart, variety, solutions and even comedic relief

Let your heart be stirred by words, it's the most effortless way to grow. 


Vic, founder of F&F, invites you to personally ask your questions

Brick by Brick

This segment helps strengthen our character. 



Your Forum:
A Community Conversation

A new segment to help you connect with other caregivers.  Read comments, ask questions, give your support in our virtual chat-room

~ Use our Terminology Search Bar in certain segments to find information quickly and easily ~

Membership is $10

I believe education is the gate that leads to any

future worth having.

Mr. Mosely

Downton Abbey

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