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Caregiving will show us very quickly who we are.  It will also show us very quickly who others are as well.  

Our job can be the toughest, yet most effective platform to develop personally. 

With all my heart I believe you cannot do this job honorably without growing personally.


Brick by Brick offers a variety of resources that tackle everything listed in our "ABOUT" page.  I believe that everything begins with one's character.  What makes a strong character are integrity, responsibility, flexibility, patience, confidence, honesty, good health, perseverance, wisdom, and humor.  Build a solid foundation with these essays, PodCast recommendations, and presentations full of wisdom.


Brick by Brick



(To honor your time,  our essays are  a  4-7 minute read)

First  Step.  First Read


I never post anything I haven't personally read, seen or listened to

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Building a stronger foundation for caregivers one brick at a time

What a shame to have had the experience and missed the meaning.

T. S. Elliot

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