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Vic & Mom


Suzie, Mom and Me, 1964

Who is Vic?

And why is she here?

A little over 14 years ago I noticed Mom's encyclopedic mind slipping.   

Everyone said I was, "Making too much of it."  I wanted to believe that,

yet every level of her life and mine was devolving into instability and chaos.

 I no longer ignored the facts of what I was seeing and experiencing.   


I felt inept to handle the gravity of this job.  Those who said they'd help, scattered.  

Handling this on my own, I honestly felt I was losing my mind right along with Mom losing hers.  

 I could have used a resource like this, so I created one for YOU. 

These resources kept me on solid ground.    

I understand your struggle, grief, and exhaustion. 

I understand your frustration and hopelessness. 

This website is a compilation of the best information I can find, gathered

in one place to help you NOW.   

All my encouragement, Vic 

Mom's Story

July 2, 2011, Mom tripped over an area rug landing her headfirst into a cast-iron antique stove. 

She broke her nose and shattered an eye socket.  ER wheeled her in for an MRI and CT Scan,

which revealed plaque and atrophy in her brain.   She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, which I was grateful for knowing.  I knew something was wrong, I just didn't have the back up.   


Part of what made validation difficult was how masterful Mom was in covering up her deficits. 

Even today in Stage 6, she is aware something is very wrong with her memory and abilities.   I have never had more interesting or more heartbreaking conversations with anyone in my life.


Mom is the bravest person I know.    


Personal Pics

Click a photo or read independently.

Mom Signing Legal Docs, 2013

Meet Mom. She saw this Mini Mouse hat on her attorney's desk and said, "My life has turned into a cartoon since my diagnosis, may I wear this?!"

Reno Air Races

I'm Vic. Producer of Forgive and Forget. CanNOT contain my excitement of sitting in a P-51 before take-off. Very proud I didn't lose my cookies during the ride of my life. (So was the pilot).

Francis Sinatra

Frank Sinatra - in charge of comedic relief. Wrote his thesis on the Minoan Civilization. Has a degree in law and finance. Shakes a mean martini.

Coraline more recent

Meet Coraline. Rescued Frank and me. Watches TV, prefers westerns. Talkative. Bakes pies and crostinis.

Reno Balloon Races, 1998

One of my favorite photos of Mom and me. 6:00am at the Reno Balloon Races. Mom had just won a ticket to race in a balloon!

"My hope is this website becomes a touchstone for you."  -Vic

What is Vic's Experience?

·         Fourteen years of experience (and counting) caring for her Mom with Alzheimer's.

.         Event speaker and participant with the Alzheimer's Association.·        

·         "Round Table" support group leader through Pegasus Senior Living Corporation.

·         Forgive and Forget is featured in Reno's "Community Foundation of Western Nevada," and the "Alzheimer's Ass."

·         Her articles and blogs have been published in Healthy Beginning's Magazine, Connecting with Dementia, Golden            Oldies, To Reminisce and The Community Foundation of Western Nevada. 

"I have seen her in action at local Fundraisers.  She can bring a desperate, lost caregiver to feeling heard, understood, and smiling.  Vic is intuitive with a gift."  -Stephen C., Member

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